Surinder Singh from Rishikesh at allesyoga

on 1 August from 18.00- 21.00
32, – Euro

„Fear and anger. Make friends and enjoy your life.“

Fear is the opposite of freedom. The more anxious you are, the more unfree you are. The more scared you are, the less you can rebel.“ (Osho)

Everybody knows fear and anger – and that’s a good thing! From the right point of view, both are wonderful guides to take the next step in life.

To put away fear and anger make them even stronger. Have you ever tried what it feels like to look at fear and anger in a friendly way?

Think of rage: imagine it in all its colours and shapes – it is pure fire that burns, and this fire is pure energy. You just have to figure out how to use it…

Maybe you have already overcome a fear, then remember the feeling afterwards. Isn’t that great? This power and strength that flows through your body and you know: I can do it – I created this feeling myself!

How did you manage that? By looking closely at the fear. You have recognized where she dwells in you, what triggers her and then: have you plunged yourself into the middle of the truble. Jump into it – this is  wonderful: fear becomes something else. A force that strengthens you instead of weakening you.

Your body feels lighter, your mind is calm. That’s freedom.

This workshop will inspire you to recognize and acknowledge your fears and anger. Your next step is freedom.

Surinder Singh

Surinder Singh

Surinder is considered one of the best yoga teachers in India. He has more than 20 years of teaching experience that you can feel all around. He keeps an eye on the detail even in large classes. He recognizes what the student needs individually, even if beginners and advanced yogis practice in one room. His classes are physically challenging, yet calm and relaxed.

Surinder is pure joy of life – its authentic teaching style gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in your individual yoga practice.

Surinder teaches Hatha Yoga with all the essentials. His classes always have an inspiring reference to everyday life, precise alignment and powerful pranayama techniques.

In short: this will be wonderful – we are very happy to welcome our teacher from Rishikesh in Leipzig.

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Surinder Singh from Rishikesh visits allesyoga

on 1 August from 18.00- 21.00 o‘ clock
Price 32, – Euro

20 available seats currently 23 occupied.

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